Spanish for fun! is an Immersion Full-time Preschool and Language Institute for Children and Adults. In our preschool, we offer an outstanding, personalized and original curriculum geared to foster all of a child’s developmental areas in a complete Spanish immersion program. We also offer many other programs through our language institute, which are open for all the people who are interested in learning Spanish as a second language.

We have been operating since 2000 with a great response from the community and we are planning to continue expanding to other areas.


Immersion Full-Time Preschool

For children ages 2 months to 5 years old, we offer a program where children are stimulated to develop skills in every area (cognitive, social/emotional, linguistic, and motor skills) for each age in a complete Spanish immersion.

Your child could be fluent in Spanish before Kindergarten.

This is the most difficult status to achieve in NC and with much determination, hard work, training, school education courses, hiring the right staff, and managing the stress to get thru the last year with its ups and downs and passing the grueling examination period to be evaluated as one of the best!
We are so proud of all the staff and the dedication they have to making not only the center a place of excellence, but striving and pushing the limits with our curriculum and giving the children a daily happiness along with a knowledge that goes with them the rest of their lives.
We couldn’t be more proud to offer this whole package to the families of Cary.
Take time to congratulate your teachers and Admin!
Sff! is on a great path and is only going to get better!  Thanks for your support Parents!


Immersion Summer Camp

For children ages 2 months to 6 years old, our Spanish Immersion Summer Camp gives your child the opportunity to do many different activities such as Arts and Crafts, Computer Lessons, Games and Sports, Gymnastics, Cooking Lessons, Latin Folklore, Splash Days and much more! All this in a full Spanish Immersion Program.

Language Institute

We offer a variety of classes and lessons for both children and adults. We can also tailor a program to meet your needs, no matter how advanced you are.